09.03.2002, Uplink Factory, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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Minamo plays computer music (2 computers) assisted by some live guitar sounds (one guitarist) and real time recording/processing of guitar sounds with one of the computer. The music is ambient noise which should sound certainly better in a more adapted place for such a concert. And the Uplink Factory is definitly not a place for this kind of music. That's why I felt quite bored after few minutes. Music was not bad but I could hardly get into a nice mood for listening at Minamo's music. Too slow and static for me may be....

sample 01, 240Ko, 00:30, mp3

sample 02, 317Ko, 00:40, mp3

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OK, what's that ? A young funny japanese singer ? May be understanding the lyrics and the numerous jokes and long talks during the in-betweens could help to appreciate the music but to be honest, I slept during the second half of this boring show. Let's forget about that.

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Less than 8 minutes for this show ! But what a show ! Yamamoto only made some strange noises and larsens with an amp and a mic. My ears were bleeding and I think it was the same for the whole audience. He turn the lights off and gave two flashlights at two persons in the audience and then started to shout in the mic. 8 minutes later, he took a electric guitar and went out of the room. The end. Yeah, short, nonsense but funny. So I can say that I enjoyed this show.

sample 01, 362Ko, 00:46, mp3

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Twice the time of Yamamoto but still short, isn't it ? Incapacitants played an extrem harsh noise that scared the shit out of the front row. People were leaving the front stage because of the behavior of one of the members who only made noise with pieces of wood, metal and chains ... Scary but terrific. What harsh noise should always be. Very visual and extrem. That was what I expected from Incapacitants and why I paid 3500 yens ! I don't think I'm happier now but I'm almost deaf !

movie with sound (mpeg, 7326Ko, 01:22)

sample 01, 396Ko, 00:50, mp3

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