07.03.2002, Loft Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

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I didn't know about this band before this gig. And what a great surprise ! Obviously the best band of the ones which played this evening. Seven disguised people on stage for a kind of neo-psychedelic kraut sect show ! Very funny and with a lot of strange sounds (percussions, keyboard and a lot of weird vocals which sound like mantras). The show is really terrific and if the music can be described as prog rock mixed with kraut rock - the show reminds me a Faust show I saw some years ago, Mong Hang as definitly found his own way. I'm looking forward to the next show which should be far more better as Yohei Bohemian (percussionist) told me. I can't wait more time !

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To be honest, I was very disappointed by the Helicoid 0222MB show. As for Mong Hang, this band was brand new to me so I didn't expect a lot. But I felt like the three girls were not in a good mood this evening. May be just a matter of place and time but the gig was quite boring and sometimes it seems like the singer/guitarist was out of the part and was totally lost with her own tunes. Strange feeling. The music is a kind of slow rock with not much originality. It seems like I heard this kind of music thousand and thousand times before. Well, may be next time...

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ECD too was brand new to me. This duo is in fact totally terrific. Even if I'm not fond of this kind of music (DJ, scratches and samples), I have to say that the show is to be seen at least once. It's very powerful and impressive to see these two guys making such a show just with a keyboard and some records. The DJ is the most impressive one I ever seen and any so-called DJ should learn from him. Moreover, thanks to a perfect synchronization of the two performers, there is no dead instants during the whole show. And when the singer/keyboard is playing saxophone, then the music becomes far more than just some good samples and crazy scratches, but improvisation at his best. A very convincing mix of dancing/hip hop music and more experimental sounds. Sugoi !

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