"Tears of Sound" vol. 28 (oto no namida) :


15.03.2002, 20 000 V, Koenji, Tokyo, Japan

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This young trio was quite interesting, mixing very pop and quiet music with more noisy and agressive sounds. Sometimes, the performance turned weird when the guitarist was playing nonsense with a plactic rope. The most important thing, that is the music, was good and powerfull but may be the band should concentrate more on the music than on the show.

sample 01, 636Ko, 01:21, mp3

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BandoBando is definitly not a very interesting band but they are damn entertaining ! This band is just another punk/rock'n'roll band which just wants to have fun on stage and give a entertaining show. They succeed in this both points. Then, why care about the music ? Just punk rock versions of traditionnal japanese tunes with crazy guitar solos, stupid singing and powerfull sound. Just enjoy !

sample 01, 707Ko, 01:30, mp3

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Strange to see the serious Jojo just after the young and crazy BandoBando. But sometimes music has to be more a serious business too. Heavy noisy sounds landscapes from the Jojo's guitar were well balanced by the linear bass and the quiet/discret battery. The performance has reach high states of powerfull noise without being boring thanks to the voice and quiet parts. Just a fucking great show.

sample 01, 712Ko, 01:31, mp3

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May be I was expecting too much from Haino Keiji. And I must say that I was very disapointed from this solo concert. The performance was the one of an egocentric player who doesn't care about audience. Music was obviously powerfull and sometimes really terrific but it was a kind of onanistic noise show. The strange voice of Haino Keiji could hardly be heard as it was always covered by the guitar. May be it was just a matter of frequencies and this particular evening my brain was not on the same wavelength than the loud sounds from Haino's saturated and distorded guitar. Let's try another time and place...

sample 01, 474Ko, 01:00, mp3

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