31.03.2002, Star Pines Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

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Otomo Yoshihide was very disapointing. He just did a long larsen for 25 minutes with just some amplitude modulations... I was expecting far more from this artist so my deception was big. I don't know if it was because Otomo felt lazy this evening or if I was not in a good mood for this kind of music, but I felt like Otomo Yoshihide was this kind of accomplished artist who has nothing more to say.

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Jojo Hiroshige was great at Koenji 20000V. Incapacitants were great at Uplink Factory. Toshiaki Ishizuka was great with Vajra at Mandala-2. So, just try to figure out how was the show this evening with all these artists playing together ! Three times great. The show was pure noise, extreme harsh fucking noise, terrific and powerful. All the players were in great shape and gave the best they could for what is the best noise live performance I have ever seen.

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I was very disapointed by the solo performance of Haino Keiji at Koenji 20000V. But this time, the Dark Prince of noise was back without his guitar, just with a drum machine, sound effects and voice. And I have to admit that the performance was outstanding even if I think it was too long. Anyway, the sound was powerfull for a kind of drum'n'noise never heard before. Loops and layers of voices samples mixed with heavy drum beats and distorted sounds. Astonishing performance.

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Was is a curse ? After two great shows I had already forgotten about the Otomo Yoshihide performance. But Naoaki Miyamoto reminds me just how boring it was. In fact, Naoaki made a show very similar to Otomo's one. Just a long, single frequency for 30 minutes...

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